Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I am passionate about raising strong empowered girls and creating a body-accepting, more loving culture that is healthier for all genders. I've been engaged with girls as a counsellor, health educator, group facilitator, parent, community volunteer and friend for well over two decades. Before that, I was a girl.  I  expect my posts will be gentle at times... encouraging self-care and practicing kindness with ourselves and others. I also expect my posts will be angry at times as I use this opportunity to critique the onslaught of damaging messages that girls and women face in our culture. I also hope to draw on ideas that myself and other parents are trying out, in order to raise our kids in a healthy way in this new media age. I may post about mornings volunteering at a food bank or evenings spent cheering on girls softball. I expect to share the heartache that I feel when girls I care about struggle with tough issues. I may share about my work as an eating disorder counsellor or encourage you to sign a petition when an advertiser sexually exploits children to sell a product. Think of this as idea-soup. A bowl of rich meaty ideas, complimented with a subtle broth, chunky vitamin laden vegetables (they are good for you!)  and a whole lot of spice.

In my role as a self-esteem expert for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, I wrote a number of editorials & blog posts for the Dove channel on a couple of years ago.  This site is no longer available so I plan to  repost some of my favourites here.

I'm excited about this new endeavour and look forward to meeting readers, sharing ideas and sparking a self-esteem revolution!

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  1. looking forward to great ideas i may use to help my four teen girls to appreciate their beauty - from the inside, out! andy gevaert (windsor, ON)


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